Entrepreneurs are human so at one point or another they loose track of themselves and their teams leading to unfortunate compromised situations. Sometimes the entrepreneur is responsible, in other cases karma?! Either way, they have to be proactive in the problem solving process, it can’t just be wished away!

The scenarios are diverse… Repeated training efforts that do not change attitudes, bulky portfolio but targets are never met, high tension levels despite bonding sessions, the list goes on. These are all red flags for the entrepreneur, essentially a deep rooted problem somewhere in the organization that needs to be investigated further.

Time to set your priorities straight. As much as you want cohesiveness within the team, you must still remember they are “employees” who must remain productive in their roles and not “besties” who take advantage of your good nature. A delicate balance that has to be achieved meticulously if your company is going to remain relevant in all it’s departments with everyone pulling their own weight and not being a hindrance to the company objectives.

Presence of “dead-weight” on the payroll sends a negative message to the rest of the team, in turn they will emulate their counterpart by becoming less productive too and when confronted they will challenge you with the other person’s unchecked misconduct. A cache 22 situation and now you have mass indiscipline in the office! Not easy to reverse I must add and when the reversal is successful, there will be casualties not excluding you, the entrepreneur! My advice, avoid the situation in the first place or brace yourself for the worst! You will be forced to do the unpleasant starting with ultimatums to the employee despite having a “soft spot” for them.

In all fairness, a job description was given day one, they swore to create change, why then are they not following through?! Simply put they are not suitable for the role, no hard feelings! They are still “besties” but bad for business, become profitable or admit defeat for the next best person to try out. It’s nothing personal, just business!

If that “pep talk” with the employee fails to change the status quo or with manipulative personalities, resort to offensive tactics, you might need to call in the forces for the ultimate intervention, in this case¬†HR Professionals.