All human resources functions such as recruiting and onboarding, training and development, risk and compliance management, compensation and benefits management, payroll and tax management. In addition to setting-up, managing and auditing occupational, health and safety systems in line with legislations and industry specific standards.

Office Support:

All administrative functions such as report writing, budgeting, typing, filing, correspondence, data entry and general paperwork to help out harried business owners.

Copywriting and Proofreading:

Creative writing and editing to help ensure clients’ documentation and advertising copy is both catchy and fault-free.

Fashion Design:

Design, make and sell couture clothing and soft furnishings for clients.

Home Decorating:

Transforming living areas into aesthetically pleasing designs that leave the occupants and visitors in comfort.

Social Research and Reporting:

Putting information at clients’ fingertips using basic investigative tools, literature review and the internet.

Subject Tutoring:

Help students reach the top of their class with a little experienced guidance and support. Whether it’s reading, writing, humanities, languages and social sciences.


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