You get to talk to everyone all the time…

You get to be consulted most of the time…

You get to call the shots half the time…

It can’t be too difficult to fit into such a role, let alone fill it if it’s vacant right? WRONG!

While performing one of my errands recently, I found myself in the reception area of a service provider. Naturally, while waiting for my turn to be served, I started flipping through one of the periodicals stacked on their rack. It was a 2017 issue of an international magazine and an article by a Clive Hopkins caught my attention. The writer was discussing challenges experienced by Corporates in recruiting professionals in Human Resources (HR).

Apparently, it’s not easy filling a HR position because the HR plays an important role in the strategy of the company. Senior roles have a big impact on the culture of the team. It’s not just about technical fit and experience, it’s about culture fit.

The market at the senior end is candidate heavy, there are alot of people with experience but it’s getting harder to find candidates aligned to the company culture, fit with the CEO style and meet their expectations.

CEO’s are looking for the best fit and people with best competencies. It’s a challenge getting this people.

CEO’s want a HR leader who is a business partner, and who also understands the drivers of the business.

CEO’s want a commercially minded professional who can support them in achieving business objectives through their people, rather than be seen as admin-heavy, or control-style function.

CEO’s want someone who can translate strategy into culture, a true business enabler. They need a person who can provide insights, and unwelcome advice, with clarity. In addition, the person should really embrace technology to engineer efficiencies in the functional delivery of services. Furthermore, have the ability to attract and manage talent for the business.

Well, these were views from several top international recruiters, quite candid!

It was an insightful article since I belong to the profession. I hope readers (both Clive’s and Mine) realise that being a HR Manager is not just another walk in the park!