I often meet people: strangers, friends, professional peers, etc and they wonder how come I work for some companies yet they require substantial knowledge and numerous strategies that can’t all possibly be learnt in a classroom!

Well, it is because throughout my employment life I’ve had the privilege of being directly supervised by either the Directors, Chief Executives or Senior Group Officers both in startups or fully established companies.They know their field and since they are usually busy, it becomes prudent that they should teach me to be them! This is another reason i am often referred to as “brutal”, other than my papa’s DNA, it’s occupational hazard i tell you!

I am converted into a Clone! Or something close to that! I am forced to think like them and act like them. They expect their absence not to be noticed. A daunting task i must add, trying to perfectly emulate a status figure.

The downside to this close proximity to “them” is that while other employees and society at large view this category of people as demi gods, i come to realise that they are but humans who have to deal constantly with decisions and emotions which are sometimes unpleasant in nature.

I am always in a compromised position with fellow employees and/or clients demanding why i standby when something they don’t adhere to occurs! The answer is simple, i see a different perspective from them because i am a Clone! Sadly, i must remain neutral and loyal to “my original” despite popular belief that I shouldn’t. Of course it depends on whether or not the issue at hand has moral bearings.

However, in some cases personal emotions and external provocation have overwhelmed me to my knees in Prayer…
– God help me?
– God why me?
– God what do i do?

As usual, it’s always calm and reassuring answers that come…
– It’s God who placed this person in authority!
– They are authority until a time God says enough!
– You can only advice authority at the opportune time, not in turbulence!
– This person is a specialist, we must “trust” that they have more understanding into the matter at hand!

And so this has been my professional journey for more than 17 years! There’s a high cost to getting mentored, extremely high! But lessons learned are invaluable!

So the next time your Company Leadership takes a different direction from your expectations remember that…

It’s not easy operating a Company! It’s not easy being THE BOSS!