Everyday is a learning experience we are often told. Most of the time we think its just another cliche.

Well, I had no clue that such a condition existed until as recent as 3 years ago. It affects an organ that most of you ignore, your colon! Yeah, I bet you didn’t even think your intestines are classified as organs let alone be vulnerable to a complex malfunction.

You probably know of it but not about it! The occasional diarrhoea, constipation, indigestion, acidity, bloating, fatting, impaction, spasms, cramps! Yes, cramps even for men, just slightly above the pelvic area, not PMS…

The above may be temporal with you but for some it’s chronic and acute. You can imagine having a running stomach for over a month or your belly looks swollen all the time. Pretty uncomfortable and painful too.

So what causes it?! Nobody knows, not even the medics. It just shows up at door steps randomly, you never know who it’s going to hit next. Maybe it’s an aging issue, while some get arthritis, or alzheimers, others get IBS! Lifestyle disease maybe…

Like I said, there’s not one single cause and medics are still grappling about the absolute treatment.

IBS Triggers

– Diet
– Stress
– Depression
– Physical Strain
– Surgery
– Infection
– Medication
– Pre-existing medical conditions

Does that mean if you check the above you’ll escape the wrath?! Not really… So what’s the solution?! PRAY, I guess!

It’s one of those conditions that are “managed” as opposed to being “cured”. Once you are diagnosed with it, you learn ways of checking the triggers, complete lifestyle change!

For instance, in a given calendar year you may enjoy eight months of peace and two months of discomfort. Other times the other way round. In some cases it can be calm for the longest time but then you go into remission. It’s not life threatening unless of course you ignore it, then leads to other serious digestive problems, the worst being colon cancer.

IBS Management

This depends on the symptom at the time, triggers manifest in isolation or combination. They include but not limited to the following:

– Lactose free and Gluten free diet
– Pain or Acidity medication
– Antibiotics or Antifungal medication
– Probiotic or Prebiotic Supplements
– Soluble or Insoluble Laxatives

Just remember the symptoms and triggers vary from one person to the next so you have to become the best of friends with the Nutritionist, Gastroentologist and Gynaecologist?! Yes, the OBGY too… Apparently if the digestive system is under attack, the next door neighbour is also at risk… The reproductive system!

Well, it’s a rough and expensive journey. But I always say, it could be worse?! Like six feet under worse! My friend always says, if money can cheat death, by all means, spend it!

Hhhmmm… 1001 kisses for my friend!