Imagine this, you have a very “interesting” boss (trying to remain politically correct with that description, the alternative is treasonable). Yes, very “interesting” and your management level peers are equally “unique”. For reasons best known to them, they are determined to frustrate any efforts in improving the department they hired you for! Its as though they secretly want the “chaotic” status quo but profess change in public!

In addition, your probation goes well beyond the threshold indicated on the appointment letter and these “people” continue to unfairly retain you without a contract while they claim “non performance!” The board of directors wonders why you are still in the facility if there’s evidence of poor performance. Their sentiments “Fire or Hire!” I mean, if you can’t work, “don’t let the door hit you on your way out!”

Crazy bunch?! Not really, they just want full services at the lowest cost. That means deny the employee an appropriate contract by all means possible. But whatever you do don’t fire them, you want to take credit for their results! (Non performer results, oxymoron!)

“Report to the HR Manager”, you chime! Sorry, this time, the HR is the victim! Aaaaaaa… I caught you by suprise, didn’t I? You never even remotely thought “they” could be on the “receiving” end, especially not in terms of “their” rights being violated! Unfortunately, in some cases, the HR finds themselves needing a “savior” yet they are always doing the “saving”!

Unless you are interested in tainting your track record for the sake of the “big bucks” then “fight on!” But once they do terminate you, you may not be hired elsewhere for the rest of your career. So pick your fights carefully as most Parents warn!

What to do… Keep clear records of your activities, make sure your job description does not clash with anyone, be on guard 24-7 and escalate to the board. If all this fails, you might have to leave the big “bucks” behind! Never!

What could possibly be more important than money? For starters job satisfaction, reputation and optimal health. All of which are compromised in a toxic work environment.