Born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya. The youngest child between Mary Naliaka Ndamwe and the Late Richard Wanga Opicho (1947 – 1999). A Social Studies Graduate from Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya with Certifications in Administration & Information Technology from various Institutions. Appointed as a Kenya National Examinations Council Examiner – Technical Exams in 2007. Licensed to Practice in Kenya as a Human Resource Professional by the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM). A professional with over 20 years experience in Academic, Administration and Human Resource fields. Functional competencies in multiple sectors including Education, Information Technology and Telecommunications. Well traveled having lived, studied, worked and visited locally several Kenyan towns and regionally including Kampala and Johannesburg. Passionate about social justice, health and nutrition, fashion and décor, arts and literary works. Finally, a Sickle Cell Warrior!


Social Behavior (Observant & Approachable)
I am socially curious and perform well when working with people. I am comfortable with social situations at work but don’t mind working alone. Good fit for a variety of positions.

Persistent (Goal Driven & Perfectionist)
I am an extremely persistent worker who never gives up and always gives every effort to the task at hand. Best fit for very difficult job tasks with minimal support available.

Creativity (Follower & Problem Solver)
I am able to handle unpredictable situations in everyday work life. Good fit for most work tasks.

Empathy (Compassionate & Counselor)
At work, I am best in socially responsible positions. Best fit for Team Lead, Human Resource and People Management positions as well as Teaching and Nursing.

Stress Tolerance (Pressure & Stress Resistant)
I am not bothered much by work stress and I am able to multitask under tight schedules. Good fit for any hectic positions.


Courtesy: Fuzu Limited