I am passionate about social justice, health and nutrition, fashion and décor, arts and literary works. I create awareness on these issues for empowerment purposes. Solutions as they were to a personal or professional problem facing others from the same school of thought. I was born and bred in Nairobi, Kenya. I am the youngest child between Mary Naliaka Ndamwe and the Late Richard Wanga Opicho (1947 – 1999). I have functional competencies in multiple sectors including telecommunications, information technology and education. I love traveling having lived, studied, worked and visited several towns and cities locally and regionally. Last but certainly not least, I am a Sickle Cell Warrior!


Social Behavior (Observant & Approachable)
I am socially curious and perform well when working with people. I am comfortable with social situations at work but don’t mind working alone. Good fit for a variety of positions.

Persistent (Goal Driven & Perfectionist)
I am an extremely persistent worker who never gives up and always gives every effort to the task at hand. Best fit for very difficult job tasks with minimal support available.

Creativity (Follower & Problem Solver)
I am able to handle unpredictable situations in everyday work life. Good fit for most work tasks.

Empathy (Compassionate & Counselor)
At work, I am best in socially responsible positions. Best fit for Team Lead, Human Resource and People Management positions as well as Teaching and Nursing.

Stress Tolerance (Pressure & Stress Resistant)
I am not bothered much by work stress and I am able to multitask under tight schedules. Good fit for any hectic positions.